(VIDEO) Met-Elec-R60, a car with a range extender for € 5000 in South Africa


The Metair company just introduced two vehicles, one is a converted combustion vehicle, the other was designed and built specifically, both are called Met-Elec-R60.

Met_Elec_R60 (2).jpgMet_Elec_R60.jpg

This project imagined in-house aimed to build an electric car in 4 months and for less than € 5,000 of material (60,000 Rand) - however the cost of development of these first two models is over 500,000 rand (€ 41,665)…

Called "fun project" in-house the construction of these two cars wants to demonstrate the possibility and ease of developing low emission vehicles locally (even after the Joule experience).

The technological option chosen is a range extender with lead acid batteries - rather than lithium - a viable and economical choice for a series hybrid, that also introduces the technology of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) developed by Metair for its batteries.

Currently, Metair did not provide the specs of these two prototypes but it opens interesting possibilities for conversions of a polluting and aging fleet at a reasonable price.

Via EVWorld / EngineeringNews

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