(VIDEO) CA-MiEV, the compact electric-car with 300km range – real or utopian?


At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi presented a concept of diesel hybrid pickup that foreshadows the successor of the L200, the GR-HEV and one that could well envision the new i-MiEV, the CA-MiEV, a compact electric-car with 300km of range announced.

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The answer rests on three pillars for Mitsubishi: a battery with high energy density, efficiency of the drivetrain and aerodynamics. It is partly reflected in the specs sheet of the CA-MiEV, a 80kW electric motor, a 28kWh battery and a weight of 1300kg.


Its motor as a regular size for the segment - a compact 5 seater - and although the technology of the battery is also relatively common (Lithium-Ion) its capacity is nearly 30% higher than its competitors (and 75% more than the current i-MiEV), however, the weight is kept at 1300kg weight thanks to some work done on the body.

Add "high performance" and efficient EV systems, regenerative braking, combine these elements with Cd of only 0.26 (with a fairing under the car, grille and retro-vision cameras which contribute to aerodynamics) and you get an equation that is plausible with the example of the Renault Zoé: a 65kW motor, 22kWh battery, 1468kg and 210km range in NEDC cycle.

Latest innovation, the CA-MiEV also integrates wireless charging technology by magnetic coupling.
Relatively realistic in the current concept, the 300km range is above all the target set for Mitsubishi’s next EV!

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