Cruise E-bike, BMW’s German only pedelec


The London Olympics gave an overview of the ambitions of the Bavarian brand on the electric two-wheeler market both for electric bicycles or scooters.
After the announcement of the C Evolution’s launch for 2014 it is the turn of the brand’s first pedelec to be officially unveiled.

BMW_Cruise_e-bike (3).jpg
The Cruise e-bike is fitted with the Bosch 250Watt pedelec technology which supports directly the crankset at speeds up to 25kph thanks to sensors. Four modes of support are available (Eco, Tour, Sport or Speed/Turbo) for a 80km range announced.

BMW_Cruise_e-bike (2).jpg

Speed, charge level, mode and other informations are displayed by a removable onboard computer.

However, so far, no large series production but a limited edition of 1000 units, certainly to gauge the market’s interest, and only for Germany!

The Cruise e-bike will widen the BMW Lifestyle catalog while the iPedelec, a folding electric bike presented in June 2012 will fit less in the LifeStyle range and more in the BMWi but no release date has been officially announced.

BMW_Cruise_e-bike (3).jpg

The Cruise e-bike’s price is not revealed yet but the non-electrified version of the Cruise Bike is available worldwide for about 900 € depending on the country.

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