Electric cars of the world, a second generation RAV4 in China and a Dacia Logan in India


Here are two new electric cars from the east of the world, the ZAP Jonway E380 and Mahindra Reva Verito EV, presentation of two models:

Obvious copy of the RAV4’s second generation, the E380 is offered by ZAP in 3 and 5 door versions.
ZAP is an American company based in Santa Rosa, California, with its subsidiary Jonway based in China. The E380 is now available worldwide and will be the first electric SUV to be produced and sold in China by an international company.

The company ZAP is best known in Europe for its single person vehicle with three wheels, the Zappy3 but they have a full range of electric vehicles.

This electric RAV4 has a 60kW motor and 160km of range, the first deliveries are expected soon.

Otherwise, for the original by Toyota the 4th generation is available in the US as EV.

Mahindra Reva Verito EV,

Here it is not about copy but about platform. Reva, recently bought by Mahindra to sell a range of electric vehicles (see the article on the Reva E2O) chose a Dacia Logan base to offer their first electric sedan, while minimizing costs!

By the way, the E2O is launched this month, in the coming days locally.

Following a prototype presented last year and an existing combustion Verito already available, the electric version is expected next year, it should offer a 29kW motor and a lithium-ion battery for 100km of range and maximum speed of 86kph.

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