(VIDEO) Elskoter, a sporty Swedish electric snowmobile


After the Austrian prototype Snowbird reaching 120kph last week, we noticed another electric snowmobile, the Elskoter developed by BioFuelRegion and "Luspengymnasiet i Storuman" in the context of a European project.


Based on a 2007 Arctic Cat F1000, the Elskoter develops 47kW (64hp) - almost twice as much as the Snowbird’s 25kW - and 92Nm of torque, with a belt drive transmission for an optimal silence in operation! The 12.87kWh LiFePO4 battery weighing less than 80kg recharges in 7 hours but its range is not revealed.

elskoter_electric_snowmobile (2).jpg

In addition to its impressive dynamic performances, the Elskoter will open areas closed to snowmobiles so far, protected areas for example.

The project cost is estimated at between 35,000 and € 48,000.

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