(VIDEO) Geneva 2013: Toyota i-Road, official images and specs

Update of this morning's article with the first official video reveal.

Here it is finally, after two teasers the Toyota i-Road, an electric three-wheeler, future competitor of the Renault Twizy has been revealed.


The i-Road electric micro car in details:

With a width of only 850 mm, it is narrower than the Twizy (1230mm) and can therefore fit between car lanes in the traffic, just like a motorbike.

TOYOTA_iROAD (6).jpg

As the video hinted, it features a tilting technology "Active Lean" which allows to take some angle in the curves.

Powered by two in-wheel motors of 2kW, range is announced at 50km with a recharge in three hours.

Finally, it welcomes two people in tandem in an enclosed cockpit.

TOYOTA_iROAD (9).jpgTOYOTA_iROAD (10).jpg

The maximum speed of i-Road is not announced but its range listed at a constant speed of 30kph. About a potential launch, Toyota seems ready to produce it so we can imagine a production by 2014 with a price comparable to the Twizy! To be continued...

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