Autolib soon in Lyon, Bordeaux and Asia?


Autolib is growing very fast and the Bolloré group is in talks with Bordeaux and Lyon to offer its BlueCar. The export of the model outside Europe is also under study according to its CEO, Vincent Bolloré.


Following last week’s announcement with the launch of the series model of the Bluecar for € 19.000 (before the €7.000 grant), the owner of the Parisian electric car-sharing scheme, Vincent  Bolloré announced on February 26th his will to settle in Bordeaux and Lyon.

Still under discussion, agreements are likely to be signed with the mayors of the two cities in the coming months, for a start before year-end.

In Bordeaux where the French businessman presented to his objectives, he announced 90 cars, 40 stations and 180 charging stations as a first step. Similar to Paris’ prices, the subscription will cost about €10 per month and €5 per half hour.

The issue of compatibility with existing car-sharing systems arises: AutoCool in Bordeaux and... Autolib in Lyon developed by Lyon Parc Auto, that will trigger a name change for Bolloré’s service!

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux said "If we do it, it will be in the coming month," indicating that the goal was to start in September, and that the system would cost nothing to the local authority.

"We fund the entire infrastructure, install and provide the vehicles, people for maintenance and repairs," said Mr. Bolloré.

Next step of their expansion, Vincent Bolloré said to be attracted by the export system out of France and particularly in Asia.

"We will initially launch only two cities in France. Afterwards, we go abroad and the first city will be in Asia."
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