Snowbird: Austrian electric snowmobile reaches 120kph (75 mph)


Snowbird is an electric snowmobile developed by the FH Joanneum University with the support of the local energy supplier Estag or Energie Steiermark, a first in Austria!

Presented on Feb. 13 during the Ski World Championships in Schladming this e-snowmobile is powered by a 25kW motor, a battery 10.5kWh and reaches a maximum speed of 120kph!


The project cost is approximately € 100.000, from spring, the Snowbird will be tested extensively by Schladming mountain rescue services to improve the prototype and evaluate the needs of charging stations, the Snowbird features a rapid battery exchange technology which makes it viable for use by emergency services.

Extreme temperatures will also allow to test components in winter conditions, providing interesting feedback. For the moment no range is announced ...

Estag’s CEO, Christian Purrer sees this project as a logical development of electric vehicles: "We have a leading role in this project because we want to develop electric mobility particularly in tourism as it is the future."

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