On Wings of Waste: from Sydney to London with recycled plastic


Flying from Australia to England in a Cessna using synthetic fuel made from recycled plastic, here is Jeremy Roswell’s idea.

Jeremy Rowsell is an Australian not quite like the others ... Especially since he announced his desire to fly his Cessna from Sydney to London only with fuel obtained from plastic. Since oil is the basis of polymeric materials, it is indeed theoretically possible to use waste plastic to make oil again, by carefully heating it in absence of oxygen (pyrolysis).


From there, using fractional distillation you get the type of oil desired, including diesel. This product is basically the same as the one you get from refining oil. 

However, the trip will not be done in once as a Cessna, although powered by plastic cannot travel such a distance (16.900 km). The man plans to go through Asia, Middle East and Europe.

The idea behind this journey of eight to ten days is to raise awareness on the possibilities offered by recycling plastic. For the return, Jeremy plans to collect the plastic used in its stops and send it to Dublin, where it will be turned into fuel for his plane. Thus the loop of plastic will be looped!

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