Green Classic: first electric Golf, the Golf II CityStromer


Volkswagen is one of the first manufacturers of the late 20th century to have offered an electric model in its range. Flash-back on the 1989 Golf II CityStromer.


Produced to only a hundred units, the first electric Golf was sold for the equivalent of more than € 30,000. Then a few units of the Golf III CityStromer were also built...


The first electric Golf was the result of a partnership between Volkswagen and the German energy supplier RWE. It was mostly a showcase for the group at a time when rising oil prices pushed manufacturers to consider alternatives.

Unfortunately the technology did not allow an interesting range for users at the time...

Golf II CityStromer: fitted with a 18.5kW motor its range was limited to fifty kilometers from the 96V and 120Ah Lead Acid batteries.
The Golf III CityStromer received in turn a slightly smaller engine (17.5kW) and reached already 90km of range just four years later in 1993 from a 96V 180Ah (lead acid) battery.

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