VW Up plug-in hybrid - heart of XL1?


It was already discussed in 2011, it is now back on the front of the stage, after the confirmation of the arrival of the 100% electric version, the e-Up, and as well as the Golf 7 with its e-Golf and TwinDrive variants, the Volkswagen Up is expected to go plug-in hybrid in two years!


To provide records of efficiency, the engine will be directly derived from the one of the VW XL1, the technology spearhead of the brand. Its 47hp diesel twin-cylinder combined to the 27hp electric motor should offer a fuel consumption under 2l/100km, the record 0.9l/100km of the XL1 being out of sight due to its superior weight and Cx.

It houses feature a 5.5kWh battery providing a range of around 50km.
No official confirmation of its presentation in Geneva for the moment...
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