(VIDEO) Production of the VW XL1 iconic efficient car debuts


The VW XL1 is exhibited at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in its series version with a production that starts simultaneously in Osnabruck’s plant.


Representative of the new generation of cars, more frugal, technologic, the iconic VW XL1 is the most efficient plug-in hybrid ever designed. It exists as a prototype since early 2011 with a reveal at the Qatar Auto Salon, now VW announces that this year marks the beginning of “series” production.

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Produced in small series - almost - by hand, this two-seater demonstrator has Polo dimensions (only the height varies) a carbon structure (795kg only) offering a consumption under 0.9/100km and a range of 50km in electric-only !
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Stealing the recent title of most aerodynamic series car to the Mercedes CLA, which boasted a 0.22, with 0.189 with the XL1 is far ahead!

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The XL1 inaugurates a 48hp twin-cylinder TDI engine combined to a 27hp electric motor, they are associated with a seven-speed DSG gearbox for emissions of only 21g/km.

On the performance side, 0 to100kph takes 12.7 seconds and the maximum speed is set at 160kph.

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