The Bluecar from Bolloré priced below the Renault Zoé at € 12,000


The Bluecar, Bolloré group’s electric car, which equips the car-sharing service Autolib in Paris region will now be available for sale at a price of €12,000 with a battery rental fee of €80 per month (unlimited kilometers).


Since October 2012 Bolloré’s electric city-car was already available with rental/leasing solutions from €300 per month, and is now on sale at €12.000 after our local €7.000 eco-bonus! This aggressive price positioning allows it to be cheaper than the Renault Zoé to be launched next March at a price of € 13.700 (with bonus).

Vincent Bolloré, who announced the news on a national radio station before a press conference recalled the "commercial success" of the Autolib service that he also owns as principal shareholder, with "more than 65.000 subscribers and 4.000 parking spaces in the Paris region."

The Bluecar is just like Autolib, a small four-seater car with a range of 250km in the city and 150km beyond. Its speed is limited to 130 kph (the only major difference with the Autolib which is limited to 110kph), with an acceleration from 0 to 60 kph in 6.3 seconds.


Even if he reaffirmed its support to the electric car for urban use, Vincent Bolloré has nevertheless expressed doubts about its success outside of city centers, he says: "The range of the electric car will never go beyond 200 to 250km."

Anyway, Bolloré’s Bluecar should again be the electric car best-seller in France in 2013: it accounted for almost a third of the 5600 total French sales in 2012.
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