Geneva 2013: plug-in hybrid Golf 7 - TwinDrive - available in 2 years!


After the purely electric Golf revealed a few days ago (e-Golf), the German automaker iconic model will also be offered in a plug-in hybrid variant.

TwinDrive plug-in hybrid

The rechargeable version of the Golf 7, the Bluemotion TwinDrive has the same powertrain as the Audi A3 e-Tron which will be launched simultaneously. The Golf will be the third hybrid model sold by Volkswagen, after the Touareg and the Jetta available in April from €28,000 (after grant) and the first plug-in hybrid!

In detail it gets a turbocharged 150hp 1.4-liter gasoline engine matted to a new generation dual clutch box e-S Tronic. But, while the Jetta is fitted with a 27 hp motor powered by a 1kWh battery, the Golf will receive a 102hp engine and a 9kWh battery.

The Jetta can go 2 km in electric mode only, with a maximum speed of 70 kph, while the Golf will travel 50km silently, climbing at 130kph before the combustion engine kicks-in.

The emissions are announced at 35g/km with a fuel consumption of 1.5l/100km only!

The electric Golf 7 will be available from 2014 and its plug-in variation in 2015.
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