Casple-Podadera, another version of the Hiriko, the foldable electric city car


The Group Casple has teamed-up with Podadera Design to introduce a micro-electric folding car, with an interesting feature, it is capable of reducing its wheelbase via a tilting rear axle and a cockpit.

Casple_Podadera_EV (4).jpg

The lack of space in urban areas is a problem for many motorists to the point that micro-cars (Smart, Fiat 500...) are selling like hotcakes. It is from this observation that the Spanish Casple-Podadera designed this 2.3meters vehicle (2.3 meters) designed to park in a "mouse hole" by folding as a "Transformers."

Casple_Podadera_EV (2).jpg

Folded, the car that is a strict two-seater side by side occupies just 1.9meters, less than a Smart. Eventhough it looks more like a golf cart than a micro-car, the front trunk offers 200 liters. Its tubular frame protects the occupants in case of crash and, like the Renault Twizy, the doors are optional.

Casple_Podadera_EV (1).jpg

The specs announce a 130km range and a maximum speed of 110kph for a 0 to 100kph in less than 11 seconds. 

A first prototype of the car is available but no release date or price for the moment… Too bad!
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