(VIDEO) RobotCar: autonomous cars to become affordable!


The Oxford University in England just developed a car that can drive autonomously thanks to a device -RobotCar-  that costs only 130€!


It's nice to build a car that drives itself like Google's Car but who might be able to buy one of them one day with their complex technology? Probably very few people. It is from this observation that students from the prestigious Oxford University, encouraged by their teacher started to develop driver assistant for about 130 €.

The principle of the technology is not like the project from the Silicon Valley giant, taking you from point a to point b - but you can let go the steering wheel in certain situations such as to write an SMS or to read the newspaper.

So when the driver feels the need and traffic conditions allow it, simply press a button and the system takes-over. The onboard computer then loads the 3D mapping of the vehicle’s immediate environment to take-over the driving, while avoiding potential accidents.

For the moment, the car fitted with the tech (Nissan Leaf) only works on private roads but a authorization request from the Transport Ministry is under study. To be continued...

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