(VIDEO) Seat tests a plug-in hybrid and an electric car with Barcelona’s harbour


The Port of Barcelona and Seat have signed a partnership for the loan of two prototypes: a Seat Leon TwinDrive and an electric Altea XL.


The release of Seat’s first electrified vehicles is getting close. After studies and concept-cars, like the IBL and IBE, the brand goes further with a second full-scale test, this time, with Barcelona’s harbour.
The goal for the group is to test its future vehicles in real situations while the harbor wants to buy such vehicles for its agents. 

The cars are just one TwinDrive Leon and Altea XL Electric presented in 2011.

The Leon TwinDrive features a powertrain that will be fitted to the third generation of the Iberian compact by 2015. Rechargeable, it has a range of 52 km in electric mode. In this case, the speed is limited to 120kph. It will take the help of the 115hp 1.4 TSI petrol engine to reach 170kph and a combined output of 163hp. The fuel consumption and emissions announced in 2011 are 1.7l/100km and 39g/km!

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The Altea XL Electric Ecomotive features a 85 kW electric motor (115hp) and 270Nm of torque, it is powered by a 27kWh battery allowing a range of 135km. Charging time goes from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the type of charger. The maximum speed of the car is limited to 135kph.

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