Geneva 2013: PSA will present a C3 and a 2008 HYbrid-Air


Revealed in late January by PSA the technology HYbrid-Air will be presented in a Citroën C3 and Peugeot 2008 at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show which will open its doors in March.

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PSA who has announced the availability of the first Hybrid-Air cars for 2014 with a combustion engine and an hybrid hydraulic technology, will introduce two models featuring their new tech in Geneva.

The HYbrid-Air system, allows -according to PSA- a reduction in fuel consumption up to a third, to achieve an average of 2.9 l/100km in combined cycle with CO2 emissions of 69 g/km. The C3 Hybrid-Air will house a 82hp 1.2 VTi three-cylinder -already present on the 208- plus the hybrid technology, so far nothing official on the engine of the 2008 HYbrid-Air.


The three-cylinder is matted a propulsion obtained by the energy form the pressurized gas cylinders. The gas is compressed by the hydraulic system in less than 20 seconds via brake energy regeneration.

As in a combustion/electric hybrid the vehicle can be powered by the hybrid system only at speeds up to 70kph, by the combustion engine and finally by the two technologies simultaneously.

PSA’s press release states: "The Hybrid-Air technology, which does not use additional batteries allow an attractive positioning in international markets. Easily adaptable to individual vehicles like light trucks, it is particularly efficient in vehicles of the B and C segments."
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