(VIDEO) Silex Power Chreos, a surprising electric sedan!


Here is a concept from Silex Power, a company based in Malta specializing in green-tech. Named, Chreos, this impressive 5.42m electric sedan has a specs sheet that leaves the Tesla Model S far behind!

Silex_Power_Chreos (2).jpg

But before we talk numbers, let’s have a look to its design, neo-retro lines with a front end that recalls some Alfa Romeo such as the 33, no radiator grille because, since it is electric the Chreos doesn’t need it and then it improves aerodynamics...

Silex_Power_Chreos (3).jpg

About the figures, the Silex Power Chreos receives four in-wheel engines with impressive battery-packs placed on the axles, for a total power of 640hp and 4400Nm of torque!

Despite its 2200kg, the 0 to 100kph would take only 2.9 seconds while the batteries (capacity not revealed) would allow a 1000km range (at 125kph) with a recharge in 10 minutes thanks a technology called "hypercharge".

Silex_Power_Chreos (4).jpg

As to answer the question whether this Chreos will ever be produced, for now there isn’t a rolling prototype but Silex Power will soon market an electric SUV (specs will be revealed shortly), that brings some credibility to the company !

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