(VIDEO) Cadillac ELR - more beautiful and powerful than the Volt, even on snow


Cadillac, GM’s premium brand is about to launch the ELR, a hybrid coupe whose batteries and range extender are derived from the Volt.

After the Ampera, the perfect clone marketed by Opel, it is now the turn of another GM brand to benefit from the technology developed by Chevrolet.

To fight against the range of Lexus’ hybrids, Cadillac uses the Volt’s technology, an electric motor with a range extender installed in series enables it to travel 500km of which 60km on the batteries only.

Presented as the Converj concept-car since 2009, the ELR is a sleek three-door coupe with a Cd of 0.30. It develops 207hp (against 150 for the Volt) and 400 Nm of torque. For the rest, the architecture of the two cars is identical: two electric motors and a 86hp 1.4 liter petrol unit used as generator.

Because the platform is the same as its cousin, the large 16.5kWh lithium-ion battery is also located in the center tunnel and behind the rear seat. The interior will be luxurious with wood and carbon inserts and leather seats.

It is from early 2014 that the ELR premium hybrid will hit the showrooms, while Chris Tomason chief engineer of the project presented the hybridization solution as "a response to high oil prices." According to him, the innovative solutions of the ELR will not end up on the Volt because of the range difference between the two cars. About the price, no official figures but expect around € 50,000.

A recent video shows that the developments of the Cadillac ELR are underway with the inevitable snow tests!

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