(VIDEO) Mexico City taxis in Nissan Leaf


Several Mexican cities including the polluted Mexico City are experimenting the use of 70 zero-emission taxis since last year. Nissan’s compact electric car, the Leaf, has been chosen to avoid the emission of three tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Nissan has partnered with several local authorities to test the Leaf in the streets of the country. Mexico City, the capital with its 20 million inhabitants and its urban traffic jams and inherent pollution, hosts 20 Nissan Leaf.

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This project is in the continuation of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2010 at the World Mayors Summit on Climate Change. The aim for Nissan was to prove the reliability and viability of electric vehicles as taxis.

But provide 70 Nissan Leaf to drivers is not all! The charging and repair infrastructure needs to be implemented. Such logistical support is key to the success of this type of operation due to the absence of charging stations in some cities. So the first quick charging station in Latin America has been installed last year in Mexico along with the deployment of the Leaf fleet.

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A year later, it seems to be a success if we judge by the favorable reception of the population. Cristóbal Reynoso, a taxi driver in Mexico recently said: “People are very excited, they ask you how different it is compared to the other cars? What is the range? How fast can it go? All these questions create a dialogue between us and the customers.”

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