Dongfeng Fengshen E30 EV, the Chinese electric Smart


The Chinese automaker Dongfeng just announced the availability of its first electric car next year. The offer of this type of vehicle continues to expand in a country where grants for these engines are more important than in France.


Chinese manufacturers are increasingly active on green vehicles that can get up to €12000 grants. To fight with pollution peaks of city centers in the country, the objective is to reduce emissions by all means.

Thus, after the market leaders BYD and Roewe that sell respectively the e6 and E50, it is the turn of the manufacturer and importer Dongfeng to offer an all-electric car for the domestic market.

An electric Smart with 14hp only

Initially dubbed EJ02 EV Concept at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, here is the pre-production model of the Fengshen E30 EV. It is more or less the size of a Smart, 2.69 m long and 1.56 m wide. Moreover, it quite looks like Daimler’s micro-city car (in the same way as the Wheego Life) and has only two seats.

Dongfeng_E30_EV (1).jpg

But unlike the electric Smart ForTwo (Smart ED) that develops 75hp, the small Chinese only offers a 14hp electric motor. Fortunately the weight of the E30 EV (850 kg) is relatively low so the car reaches 80kph while the range is listed between 110 to 180km according to the manufacturer.

Dongfeng has not announced any price yet but it could well be the cheapest electric car in the world thanks to the local grants and its entry-level technology.
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