(VIDEO) Roewe E50 - 200 sales in a quarter


The Roewe E50 has been launched in China in November, the car sells well in the country with 200 orders in less than two months.

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Chinese automaker SAIC seems to have found the correct equation with the Roewe E50. More than 200 firm orders have been placed since its launch date less than 3 months ago. High government subsidies reach € 12,000 for the car allowing the manufacturer to sell it at a price of € 16,000 only.

The car would even sell better than its direct competitor the large MPV BYD e6 launched last year. SAIC has instead developed an electric city-car with 3.56 m long, 1.55 wide and 1.54 m high. 

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Regarding performances, the engine offers a continuous 28kW (52 kW peak – 70hp) and 155 Nm. Maximum speed reaches 130kph, Roewe remains vague on the range and announces 180km at a constant speed of 60 kph. Charging time is 6 hours on a standard plug, and 30 minutes to reach 80% in fast charge.

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