(VIDEO) First tests of the Tesla Model S for European customers (Get Amped Antwerp)

Update of February 10th article with two new videos.

The first customers of the Tesla Model S in Europe were finally able to try the electric sedan they ordered nearly two years ago for the most reactive...

The wait has been long and although early returns will come in a few days, considering the Amercian acclaim to Tesla sedan and according to the two children placed in the back seat of the car, the Model S should also be a success Europe!

GetAmped_Antwerp (2).jpg

It is difficult to identify the differences between the U.S. and the European version as the changes to meet the European standards are mostly limited to headlights and turning signals...

Here are then two videos of the first European Get Amped Tour held at the Antwerp Crowne Plaza this week.

The wait should not be long before the first customer units hit the road ... A quarter should be enough!

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