The Fisker Karma avoids taxes with the Dutch Edition


The premium sedan with range extender from Fisker has been updated for the Netherlands to avoid local taxes. The severe legislation of the country has pushed the manufacturer to lower the car’s emissions under the 50g/km.


Fisker has developed a special edition of the Karma for the Dutch market, which accounts for nearly 74% of its sales in Europe! Karma buyers were subject to two taxes, the BPM and a road tax (MRB), for information they represented an additional cost of 14% on the purchase price!

This is now ancient history for the car manufactured in Finland by Valmet since the manufacturer has managed to reduce its emissions to 47g/km. The new version called Karma Dutch Edition is expected to increase the brand’s attractiveness in the Netherlands since it is no longer subject to these taxes.

This "gift" from Fisker should last for at least 60 months, until the next tax schemes. 

Finally, the last good news, the current owners can also benefit from the car’s upgrade!

Price from € 117,975 (including VAT) for the Fisker Karma Dutch edition

Fisker_Karma_Dutch_Edition (2).jpg
Via DeTelegraaf – Autokopen

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