(VIDEO) Moveo wants to market the first suitcase electric scooter


This transformer scooter is electric and travels at 45 kph. It could be produced soon if it gets the investor’s interest!


After the folding electric scooter with its battery on wheels (Xor Motors) here's an alternative, the vehicle is able to reach 45kph thanks to its electric motor and in a fraction of a second, transforms in a suitcase...

It weighs only 25kg, has a 35km range and recharges in one hour on a standard plug. It features two brake discs and is powered by two in-wheel motors.

The idea came from the Antro Group, a highly productive Hungarian association which aims to develop eco-compatible vehicles. Following the build of a Moveo prototype a company was created in order to attract investors and help raise funds for production.

Antro_Moveo_EV (2).jpg

The project's success depends on the crowd-funding system. It is possible to pre-order your unit of Moveo to be among the first to be delivered when it will be produced in series. According to Tamás Slezák, Moveo Company President: "If we will build a plant capable of producing 15 000 units per year, each will cost €2315 ($3100)" he continues: "If we get fewer of money, we will produce 4000/year and the price of each model will be around €4000 ($4600)."

Basically, the final price will depend on our ability to mobilize investors and I have done my part of the job. If you understand Hungarian here is the MOVEO website.

Via Gizmag // Article par Jeremi Michaux

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