(VIDEO) Xor Motors XO2 foldable electric scooter finally on the road?


Revolutionary electric scooters, it is XOR Motors’ promise, a French company that manufactures 50cc and 125cc. A vehicle that folds in a small compact block of 59kg (excluding battery) that can be carried anywhere you want.

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After many years of development, the time of marketing seems finally there!

XOR Motors is a company based in Aix-en-Provence, it is currently the only company that sells folding electric scooters.

Both models are available with a 4 kW motor (equivalent to a 50 cm3) the XO2 4kW, or 8 kW (equivalent to a 125 cm3) XO2 8kW that requires a license... A utility version also seems to be under development.


The XO2 can be stored easily, even in small spaces. You won’t have to worry anymore because your scooter is parked in street, with only 0.3 square meters, it will easily take place in the bike storage local or in a corner of your office or garage.

This ability to significantly reduce its footprint hides another idea which significantly increases its power of mobility: a removable battery on wheels (like a suitcase) allows it to be recharged where you want...

However, the price is still not listed on the site, but according to the latest information from the Ademe Salon in early 2012, depending on the version it will take between from 2290 and 3100 € with a battery rental fee between 40 and 50 €.
About an availability in Europe, no information again, but the website is in French – English – Deutsch…

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