(VIDEO) BMW 3.0CS gets a performance conversion (800hp EV)


Classic cars enthusiast, Mike Pethel wanted to combine an old body with new technologies. The result is an electric 1970 BMW CS claiming 800 hp!

This man is one of a kind! That is probably what people think when they meet Mike Pethel for the first time. His idea was to put two electric motors in a youngtimer chassis…


So he dared to remove the original 3.0l in-line six-cylinder that made both the car and brand famous... Hopefully to keep some of its genes it remains back-wheel drive but it now features two electric motors offering 400hp each! Enough to catapult the car. 

The wide rear bench left to make room for the 2400 Lithium Iron Phosphate cells that occupy all the space behind the driver.

Because, in the end, the car is not a family car! It was not originally, it is even less so today, since it is capable of reaching a speed of 233kph and to burn rubber faster than a dragster!

Another conversion of BMW (more recent) is also outstanding, Mate Rimac’s e-M3 (e30)...

Via AutoBlogGreen

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