Le Mans 2013 - return of the hybrids arrival of hydrogen


Toyota just announced that they were back for the second consecutive year with two hybrid LMP1 in the WEC Championship, the TS030 -unlucky at the 2012 Le Mans where they made their debut- since they have proven themselves and are ready to go challenge Audi’s supremacy!


It is on February 19th that the 2013 TS030 Hybrid will be unveiled. No details yet but we can assume that the V8 architecture comes back along with the hybrid system.

The particularity of the car is that it doesn’t use batteries (too heavy) but two super-capacitors that store energy during braking phases to deliver it in a few seconds to the (Denso) electric motor which is coupled to the gearbox of the vehicle.

This system is more or less the same as Audi’s, except that the electric motor of the two German powers the front wheels turning the car turns in 4 wheel drive.


A promising start for the TS030

We remember that Toyota suffered of a lack of testing last year since the first official race of the cars was the Le Mans 24 Hours in June... Moreover they have been unlucky, one of the two cars crashed in a collision with another competitor while the second had been forced to abandon due to a reliability problem.
Despite those events, they managed to threaten the serious hegemony of the two hybrid Audi to the point that the rest of the season was more of a mano a mano between the two teams reflecting a "work in progress" for Toyota.

Appointment is taken for the first stage of the WEC to be held on April 14th at Silverstone.

Let’s note another appointment at Le Mans this year with the race debut of the GreenGT H2, the first hydrogen race car to compete in real conditions on the race-track of La Sarthe with the famous number 56 reserved to innovative projects.


For now Audi has not confirmed its participation, although they will surely compete, will they engage again four cars including two hybrids (R18 e-tron)?
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