Yi Gao dreams of a Chinese Tesla


Tesla set the benchmark in terms of quality in the highly select segment of electric sports-car. The Chinese Yi Gao is determined to compete with the American manufacturer.


So far, the company Yi Gao was a leading manufacturer of electric golf karts, but that isn’t enough anymore! They sent a patent application to build an electric sports-car whose first sketches re shown here. Despite the challenge, the Chinese are right, electric propulsion has many advantages for sports use.

The torque of an electric car is much more importanrt than in a conventional car. This allows to electric cars with equal power to over-perform their combustion counterpart.

But this is not all since the electric motor is also more efficient than an internal combustion engine.
For the same amount of energy, there is less mechanical losses in a Tesla than in a Ferrari given the extreme simplification of the engine. In addition the good weight distribution that allows the low weight of the electric motor compared to its combustion equivalent and the ability to fit the battery packs under the floor offers improved handling in the curves.

YiGao_Chinese_Tesla (2).jpg

For the moment, apart from these images, no information is available on the vehicle, we simply discover than a convertible and coupe versions are planned ...

Article by Jeremi Michaux

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