Mobizen in pursuit of Autolib


The Quebec based car-sharing company Communauto recently bought its French equivalent Mobizen. With an experience of 18 years in the field of automated car rental, changes have already begun in Paris.


Lower prices, new and more targeted packages, free subscriptions... Mobizen is proactive since it belongs to Communauto. The company already offers 150 vehicles, and 88 pick-up points to borrow and return a car.

Mobizen allows to rent a car for a fixed term (gas and insurance included). Basically, you subscribe on internet, after sending a photocopy of your license and bank account infos, you receive a personal card by post. You can then reserve a car from your computer for a precise day and time.

Just pick-up the car in a parking lot at the location indicated by mail and open the car’s door by placing the card on the small box behind the windshield. The key is in the glove box. 

When you return, simply place the vehicle back to the parking spot reserved by Mobizen. You will be charged based on the travel time and the number of kilometers, depending on your subscription.
This solution is particularly interesting for someone who would move daily in public transportation but would need to see a family member who lives a few kilometers from the city or for weekends...

The Mobizen service announces the upcoming availability of hybrid and electric vehicles. And why not ... Bluecars manufactured by Bolloré. 
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