(VIDEO) TUM Visio.M, the range-extender compact car goes forward!

Update of February 3rd article with a video of the "dynamic" tests of the prototype...

In September 2011 we presented a project led by the Technische University of Munchen (TUM), revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, since, we echo the latest developments of the prototype supported by a consortium of companies, 15 partners including BMW and Daimler.



The idea is to develop an innovative vehicle, compact and urban, with a minimum weight and maximum safety. A two-seater car designed for the European market able to reach a maximum speed of 120kph with a range over 100km.

So the team opted for a “CFRP” monocoque construction (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and a range extender, also called MUTE, the project Visio.M announced in a second reveal (in 2012) 400kg batteries excluded and 15kW of power from an asynchronous electric motor developed in-house.


The Visio.M is equipped with ABS as well as torque vectoring technology to use its power as efficiently as possible.

Waiting for more information on the car with a probable update of specs sheet, here's the latest images from late January tests...

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