Uniqlo wants to sell an electric Renault


The CEO of Uniqlo, also known as the richest man in the country said he wanted to sell "a small electric car" manufactured by Renault. Reality or hoax?

twizy_uniqlo copie.jpg

"Tell Carlos Ghosn I want to sell a Renault electric car in Japan in the Uniqlo stores" Tadashi Yanai, CEO of the Japanese clothing brand.

Billionaire since he took over a clothing store and transformed it in a global chain that also manages shopping centers in Tokyo... He is a visionary "When I went to Paris last year, I saw a small electric car from Renault and I would like to sell it via Uniqlo in Japan," he told to the AFP in Tokyo.

It is highly unlikely that this "small car" is the Zoe as it still isn’t available in showrooms… It is more likely the Twizy. The image of the car is more in accordance with the style of the young and trendy clothing brand Uniqlo and compatible with sales in stores or mall. In addition, given its size, it would more easy to go through the doors of a Uniqlo store...

We expect an answer from Carlos Ghosn CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance…
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