Bosch bets on automated driving in the city


Bosch presented this week its driving assistant inspired by the Google Car with the ambi-tion to offer it in series from 2014... 

The manufacturer of intelligent systems for braking, injection or automatic parking assis-tant Bosch presented an autonomous driving technology. The system is activated by a push on a button located on the dashboard. It can drive autonomously up to a speed of 48.28kph, brake to let a vehicle go and then accelerate as you can see in this video:

A survey conducted in the UK last year showed that the acceptance of autonomous cars on track as one third of the drivers surveyed said they would be ready to buy one. Among young drivers, this figure rises to 50%.

Detail of the system

The Bosch system uses a long-range radar placed on the roof, it detects objects located at 250 meters while the camera on the windshield displays in 3D the objects it films film and communicates to the car their distance and the direction in which they move…


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