First production Rimac One – we bet it is the Applus Volar-e!


A few weeks ago we did present a new project led by Applus IDIADA for the European Commission, the Volar-e, an electric supercar that will serve as a technology demonstrator.

Eventhough Applus has not officially communicated on the subcontractors of the project - someone who possess the technology to build the 1000hp electric supercar announced... - videos of the construction provide important "clues":

-First, the construction of the car takes place in a factory bearing a logo that is none other than Rimac’s!

- Second, the state of built coincides perfectly with the presentation of this model under cover... Destined... To a Spanish customer!


Thus, the first production Rimac would not look like the Concept One revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and Geneva in 2012 but would premiere an unknown design for which we have only seen a few teasers...

Applus_IDIADA_Volar-e (2).jpg

Last element, even under the cover we do not recognize the lines of the Concept One, and the back spoiler strangely resembles to the one seen on the aerodynamic simulations of the Volar-e concept...


Enough evidence for you?
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