(VIDEO) Electric snow scooter by Govecs - Go Snow


Govecs, the German manufacturer of electric scooter presented pictures of a GO! S 2.4 equipped for snow.

This model (unique for now) has been designed by the importer for the Benelux, RR Mobility it features with a cross tire with studs at the rear and a ski (by Riminimoto) instead of the front wheel . 

We already knew the snowmobile, here is the snowscooter. With its 54Nm the Go! Snow! will for sure allow a fun ride.


An advanced powertrain

The maximum speed achieved by its brushless motor, is not disclosed but should be a little below the 45kph of the road version.

The 3kWh battery recharges fully in 4-5 hours and regenerative braking helps to extend battery range up to 100 km.

Finally, as for snowmobiles, and according to the legislation, the Go Snow is reserved for off-track.

Govecs_Go-Snow (2).jpg

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