An electric Saab coming in 2014


The Sino-Swedish group NEVS which bought Saab in August 2012 announced its intention to produce electric Saabs whose development will be funded by the production resumption of the 9-3 sedan.

The consortium NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) has announced a partnership with the Chinese investment fund Qingdao Qingbo Investment Company for the production of a future electric Saab in the city of Qingdao in northeastern China .

This is the first step in a long road that could lead to the production of an electric car with a Saab badge. According to Reuters, the Chinese investment conglomerate has decided to invest €226 million in the project for 22% of NEVS. No date is set for the moment on the finalization of the agreement but NEVS has already announced the release of the first electric vehicle from Saab in 2014.

The combustion engine 9-3 sedans could have their role to play in this project, potenitally manufactured in Sweden, they would be distributed in China by Qingdao Qingbo Investment Company to finance the development of the electric Saab. 

The new owner of Saab has set itself the ambitious goal of producing 120.000 vehicles per year by 2016. He is counting on the development of the electric vehicle market in China. The Chinese government plans to install 400.000 charging stations in 20 cities by 2015 and hopes to reach 500.000 registrations of "green" vehicles by 2015 (against 12,791 last year).
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