The EU wants to boost electric cars charging


The European Commission has introduced a bill that aims to reduce our dependence on oil. The text requires a significant increase of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and, to a smaller extent, hydrogen stations.

If adopted, the project would require to go from 11,500 electric charging stations now to 800,000 by 2020! The goal is to reduce Europe's energy dependence we import 84% of the oil used for transportation approximately a billion € per day in 2011, according to the Commission. The method pledged is to accelerate the deployment and grid territories with specific targets by country.

France should offer 97,000 station against 1,500 in 2011 (excluding car-sharing) while Sweden that had none according to the table provided by the Commission should install 14,000 by 2020.

Etat-membreBornes VE existantes (en 2011)Objectif de bornes VE* en 2020
Autriche48912 000
Belgique18821 000
Bulgarie17 000
Chypre02 000
République Tchèque2313 000
Allemagne1 937150 000
Danemark2805 000
Estonie21 000
Grèce313 000
Finlande17 000
France1 600 (hors bornes des services d'autopartage)97 000
Hongrie77 000
Irlande6402 000
Italie1 350125 000
Lituanie04 000
Luxembourg71 000
Lettonie12 000
Malte01 000
Pays-Bas1 70032 000
Pologne2746 000
Portugal1 35012 000
Roumanie110 000
Espagne1 35682 000
Slovaquie34 000
Slovénie803 000
Suède014 000
Royaume-Uni703122 000
(*) : Objectif de bornes accessibles au public

"Ambition" is the watchword of this text presented on January 24th. But this framework agreement which sets the objectives will be difficult to implement since it is not accompanied by financial aid and does not provide sanctions.

States are expected to find on their own "an annual public budget allocated to the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels," another "to support the production sites of alternative fuel technologies" and the last "to support research, technological development and demonstration activities." For an amount estimated at €8 billion, still according to the Commission’s document.

Regarding the deployment of hydrogen, the bill states that all the countries that have already installed charging stations (14 out of 27 countries) must continue to grid the country so that users have a station every 300 kms. 

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