(VIDEO) OceanVolt, a new technology of electric motors for boats


OceanVolt is a Finnish company that sells electric drive systems for boats. They offer some interesting innovations such as battery charging while sailing.


The brand is among the pioneers of the electric powertrain for sailing-boats:

To its credit, the creation of a fixing system of the engine on the hull that limits vibrations but also an energy regeneration technology that uses the energy generated by the movement of the propeller (folding when the boat is sailing), the propeller blades are reversible!

The brand has registered several patents including this innovation that increases the range of the electrical system.

OceanVolt also had the great idea to provide a range calculator on its website: move a cursor to specify the size and weight of your boat and the number of lithium battery you want and you instantly get the potential range at speeds of 4, 5 or 6 knots.

About the drive system options Oceanvolt sells two different technologies:

The first series is the SD, including the 8.6 (kW), an electric motor that weighs 39 kilograms (engine & saildrive), the SD 15 and its 42kg is also available.
The other type of motor, the AX series (version 3, 5 and 8) is intended for smaller boats, it is cooled by ambient air and develops 3.7 kW to 8.3 kW for a weight ranging from 22 to 28 kilograms.
A small touch-screen is used for controlling the operation of the system’s various elements and enable the energy regeneration. It is thus possible to see the state of charge, direction, the number of revolutions of the motor and the power output in real time.

Regarding the reliability of products manufactured by OceanVolt, their strength is tested in extreme conditions sometimes prevailing in Finland where the design office is based. An additional guarantee of quality!

For example the SD 8.6 with 4 batteries (10.8kWh) allows a 30-foot sailboat a navigation capability from 6 to 10 hours...

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