(VIDEO) Speed Skiing World Championships in Vars


The World Championships of speed skiing were taking place in Vars, France on the Chabrière track from 19 to 26th January. This year, the first is an Italian man and a Norwegian women.


According to the experts it is the most mythical stage of the world championship, a starting line on a 95% slope at 2720 meters and an arrival 495 meters lower: an average slope of 52%!

The run lasts only ten seconds, during which the heart rate of athletes reaches close to 200 beats per minute!

This year the fastest is Simone Origone (240kph in his eighth run), followed by the Frenchs Bastien Montes (236.6 kph) and Simon Billy (son of the world record holder, Philippe Billy and its 243kph!).

On the women's side, Liss-Anne Pettersen reached 221.6 kph.

If you also want to test your max speed on skis, you can go down the World Cup track in Vars, Hautes-Alpes. The stadium as it is nicknamed is accessible without reservation from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm.

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