The first highway for electric scooters and bicycles to be launched in Holland!


The first expressway reserved to scooters and electric bikes will be built in Almere, Netherlands. The goal is to enable its inhabitants to move to Amsterdam daily.

The Dutch capital Amsterdam will become even greener by authorizing the construction of a 25 km motorway which will link it to Almere. This semi-fast track will only be used by electric scooters and pedelecs. The distance between the two cities is ideal for this type of mobility - inadequate on roads and highways used by cars.

The initiative of this "greenway" was taken by the Dutch Tourism Office, the ANWB association that promotes this type of mobility and the city of Almere to form the collective ForenZO that will manage the project’s realization.

Financial incentives are also planned to push the inhabitants of Almere moving to Amsterdam (and vice versa) to choose this type of transportation. Insurance will be offered by the consortium as well as price reductions from the industry professionals partners in the operation.

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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