Mazda 6 Skyactiv-Diesel 108g/km for 150hp and 119g/km for 170hp!


Mazda has recently organized the French press tests of their new Mazda 6 equipped with the technology SkyActiv-D which instead of increasing the compression ratio of the engine takes against foot with a direct effect on NOx and particulates.

In figures 47mmg of NOX and fine particulate 0.15mmg, already well below the 80mmg of NOx requested by the Euro 6 standard!

However this bias has forced the brand to solve problems inherent in lowering the compression ratio, mostly cold start with exhaust gas recirculation.

Add to this systems like i-eloop -a start-stop with regenerative braking that we presented in 2011- i-activsense which includes a range of technologies such as adaptive and directional headlights, lane departure warning, emergency braking ... 


All in an outfit that is both sporty and elegant, the Mazda 6 has all the cards to succeed in a segment where its emissions are among the best and with a price not yet officially disclosed but that should be below € 30,000 (a little less than € 26,000 for the first diesel version of the previous generation MZR-CD engines with 130 and 180hp for emissions of 133 and 140g/km)

* The data listed in the title are for the versions with mechanical gearbox with automatic transmission emissions of both models are 127g/km.

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