(VIDEO) Leev Jack, an electric scooter turning to crowdfunding for mass production


After the Mantys, an electric mobility solution specifically designed for golfers with four wheels and a tilting technology to assist you in your 18 holes, the Dutch company Leev has developed a second vehicle, on two wheels this time, an electric scooter.

LEEV_Jack (3).jpg

This big baby with robust looks weighs 20kg and allows up to 20km of range while its 350Watt motor can reach 25kph without difficulty.

Made of aluminum, the components have been selected to offer the best, style-safety-durability- lightness ratio, also, to stop Jack receives two disc brakes while it supports up to 115kg!

LEEV_Jack (2).jpg

In order to be stored easily or placed in the trunk of your car, Jack folds in two operations, the handlebar first, then the same handlebar folds down onto the platform via an elegant system reminiscent of cylinders.

On both crowdfunding sites were project has been put online, U.S. and EU, in Europe while it remains 35 days, half of the € 60,000 has been collected on the site SymBid. Several support offers are available, including the opportunity to buy one unit for € 1500 instead of the € 1850 at which the product will be sold.

In the United States, on Kickstarter it is more quiet, just over 10% of the $ 75,000 have been collected and there is only 17 days remaining...

The first models are expected in the second quarter of 2013.

For the moment only one color is available unless you opt for the limited edition in matte black "Black Jac <".

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