(VIDEO) Fiat 500e, frugal electric car


The Fiat 500e, world premiered at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS) is the electric car with the lowest energy consumption in city / highway cycle.

First, this rank it achieved at the EPA classification (Environmental Protection Agency):  with a consumption of only 18 kWh to travel 100 kms, with its 24kWh, the small electric Fiat 500 offers a total range of 140 kms!

The EPA estimates as well that for about 375 euros, it is possible to drive a full year (24,000 km) in the Fiat 500e!

As we announced, the car will only be sold in the United States and especially in California, a state whose citizens are highly concerned about Ecology and that also offers significant grants for the purchase of a green car...

The new Fiat 500e that will be released in the second quarter of 2013 houses a new 111hp synchronous motor (83kW continuous). Compared to the combustion version, aerodynamic improvements allow an air penetration coefficient lowered by 13%!

Yet the communication strategy of the brand does not exactly relies on this frugality, let’s say that they don’t want it to lose its Italian genes!

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