(VIDEO) Electric boat doubles as hot tub


After the Dutch version HotTug with a wood stove to heat the water here is the U.S. version electric and diesel.


Tempted by a Jacuzzi at sea? This is now possible with this strange boat designed by HotTub Boats, a Seattle based company. It welcomes 6 adults in its basin containing up to a ton of water. The latter which can be fresh or sea water is heated to a temperature of 40° celsius via an integrated system working (unfortunately) with diesel.

The pool is half the length of the boat (15 feet) and lies in the center for stability.

The boat has two (essential) coolers to keep drinks chill and a waterproof audio system provides music via 5 Watt speakers for the perfect ambiance.

If you are interested, you can purchase it for $ 42,000, the batteries allow a range of 5 hours of navigation while you can use the hot tub for more than 10 hours before refueling...

The company also provides rental services in the bay.

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