Subaru switching to the four-wheel drive hybrid technology


The first hybrid car from brand will soon be presented, two years after the promising Advanced Tourer Concept.

Kenichi Yamamoto product manager for Subaru United States revealed the upcoming release of the brand’s first hybrid car. Like its big sisters, it will feature 4 wheel drive, with a combustion engine and an electric respectively on the front and rear axles, a technology similar to the e-tron Quattro developed by Audi.

Mr. Yamamoto hinted that it would probably be presented at the New York motor show to be held in March.

The brand that unveiled a concept car called the Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 could no longer ignore the popularity of this type of powertrain in Japan, as well as the increasing global demand ...

Subaru_Advanced_Tourer (3).jpg

The brand still keeps secret the specifications of the car, but we can assume they are very similar to the concept car. A 1.6l 4-cylinder turbocharged in-line engine -fetish architecture of the brand- backed by a 13hp (in continuous) electric motor and a small battery pack.

This new model should not replace the brand’s best-seller in the United States, the Forester, but rather complete Subaru’s offer across the Atlantic. 

Via Translogic // Article by Jeremi Michaux

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