Leasing of i-MiEV only $69 on 24 months in the US!


Last June, Citroen was launching a leasing program for the C-Zero at € 90 per month over 24 months… As a result, more than 200 units sold in 24 hours!

The record of this "flash sale" may be defeated in the United States as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is currently offered at only $ 69 per month! However, it is apparently not an offer from the manufacturer but one from an Illinois dealer - the best offer from the manufacturer is listed at $ 249.

For now, it is therefore the world's cheapest electric car (over 24 months...), you still need to pay registration fees and insurance estimated at 2100 $ - they can also be integrated to the lease which then goes up to $ 169 per month.

The volume of i-MiEV available for this offer is not revealed.

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