(VIDEO) The hybrid e-bike eROCKIT enters series production


The eROCKIT was one of the first demonstrators on two wheels proving that we can design products powerful, innovative and desirable without a combustion engine. Imagined in 2005 by Stefan Gulas, the road to production has been long...


From its first presentations the eROCKIT has been a sensation, at the time the electric bicycles market was only starting and this UFO pushed the envelope and set the benchmark in terms of performance.

Indeed, this e-bike does not meet the pedelec standard as its power is close to a 125cc (12hp), but this power is revealed by your pedaling, the force you put is converted into pure power and the 3.1kWh battery allows from 50 to 70km of range for a maximum speed of up to 81kph depending on the “cyclist”!

Icon of a new mobility, until now, only a few prototypes were in the streets… The production of this electric bike began late last year in Berlin for first deliveries expected by the end of the quarter.

erockit_production (2).jpg

Announced at a price of € 12,460, its price is certainly high ... And you can also forget the name “bicycle”: given its performance, you will need a helmet, insurance and license plates.

The video below is in German but you can use YouTube subtitles...

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