(VIDEO) PSA presents a new breed of hybrid, gasoline / compressed-air


Yesterday PSA unveiled a new type of hybrid car that runs with an internal combustion engine combined with a compressed air engine. A revolution!

Air-hybrid vehicles will be produced on Peugeot and Citroën assembly lines from 2016. This has been announced yesterday by the manufacturer during a press conference in its test center in Velizy, Paris region. The technology developed is promising, in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions reductions.


In combined cycle, a car like a Citroën C3 will consume 2.9 l per 100kms and emissions of 69 g/km allowing it to get a 550 € bonus in France for instance. But it is in the city that the improvements are the most impressive range would be increased by 90% compared to a combustion engine vehicle with similar power.

PSA_hybrid-air_tech (2).jpg

How does the technology works?

Unlike a hybrid-electric car, gasoline-air uses no batteries to store energy when it regenerates during the braking phases, it stores energy by pressurizing air in two cylinders.

PSA_hybrid-air_tech (4).jpg

The movement of the shaft during the slowing down and braking phase is used to rotate a hydraulic pump.

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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