In 2013, electric cars will become desirable and (more) affordable


The investments and improvements achieved by the manufacturers will make us enter a new phase of the electric car industry - retail viability – with models developed especially for electric propulsion using the feedback from previous generations of EVs, and components specially designed to maximize range and comfort onboard.

Electric compact-car

Two models are highly expected, the Renault Zoé -whose launch initially expected in late 2012 has been delayed to early 2013 - it offers a reversible heat pump and regenerative braking not operated via deceleration as it is the case in electric cars now, but when using the brake pedal : a breakdown is done automatically between the discs and regenerative braking provided by the electric motor.


Then, a little later in the year (end of 2013) the BMW i3 will debut in showrooms, its manufacturer also saw the big picture, a dedicated brand, BMW i, a carbon structure, a separate distribution network ... Only concept-cars have been presented at the moment, so its design could change slightly, however its specs-sheet is definitive a 170hp electric motor, 160km of range and an optional range-extender (e-Rex) which has just been confirmed by the brand with a technological choice relying on a twin-cylinder derived from their motorcycles!


Finally, two VWs should also be launched this year, the e-UP that will offer 85hp and a top speed of 130kph for 150km range, its price is expected around € 19,000 excluding government grants and battery leasing at 60€ per month according to the latest information available. The Golf blue-e-motion whose development has been underway for more than two years will be launch with the Golf 7 skin...

Electric sedan

This year will mark the beginning of the Tesla Model S in Europe: a unique platform with batteries placed in the chassis, a look, a high-tech interior with its control panel, two battery packs (in Europe, 3 in the U.S.) two versions, classic or performance... A car that is likely to give its credentials to the electric vehicle and with its range close to 400km, it could attract even the skeptics! Price from 71760€ grants excluded.

Electric sport-cars

The SLS Electric Drive unveiled more powerful than ever at the Paris Auto Show in 2012

Let’s end with two French cars, the first units of the Exagon Furtive-eGT and the Pariss Electric are also expected for 2013!

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